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Happy Leap Year

With all my thoughts of improving productivity I was delighted to read an article in February’s Writing Magazine which just about summed up everything I’ve been trying to achieve recently. But what I hadn’t thought about until I read the article was Leap Year.  Although I had registered somewhere at the back of my mind that this year we had an extra day, the implication of that hadn’t sunk in. We’ve been given an extra day!  A day we wouldn’t normally have.  A gift to all us writers out there.  When I read it I thought knowing my luck it will fall on a working day, but it’s not, its a Monday.  And although I’ve arranged to meet an old friend for lunch, I’m determined to make the most of my gift for the rest of the day. Happy Leap Year everyone.

I Have A Plan

B efore I went on holiday I was involved in a freelance project which encourages people to be more efficient / productive in their businesses.  The advice struck a chord because much of it could be easily related to becoming a more productive writer. However, there is a fundamental difference. If I’m doing freelance work I can quite legitimately turn round to my husband and say - I’ve got to type up a report by such and such a deadline so could you do the tea tonight, take the boys to football (fill in the gaps)?  And he will go off quite happily and get on with it because while he’s doing that, I’m working and earning money. BUT, I don’t feel that I could sit down at my computer and say “could you do the tea tonight because I want to write?” Now, where is my backbone? Where are my priorities?  I ask myself those questions all the time.  But because I don’t yet earn enough money from my writing it’s viewed as an indulgence, a hobby - something that should be done in my

How Are Your Writing Resolutions Going?

So, its nearing the end of the second month of the year and I’ve decided to question how my New Year resolutions are progressing. Not too well is the answer, despite a determination at the start of the year to be more productive. In between Christmas and New Year I had a good trawl through my “catalogue” of stories which resulted in me re-submitting two previously submitted stories to other magazines.  I also edited a first draft of a story I wrote last year, sent it to my writer’s group, re-edited and sent it off.  I also finished an assignment for an article writing course which has taken me nearly a year to do (oh the shame!) and sent it off. Finally I researched agents to send my novel to (but not sent it off yet). I suppose this could be considered to be a pretty productive month - especially as I spent quite a few evenings doing freelance work (in addition to my day job) and looking after family etc, but to be honest I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’