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NaNoWriMo Complete

I just can't believe how quickly November flew by but that's probably because my fingers were securely taped to the keyboard. I stuck to my daily target though and am delighted to say that I reached the grand total of 51,000 words by 30th November. Its amazing how much the deadline concentrated my mind and if there were days when I didn't feel like writing the thought of not reaching the target spurred me on. I've tried setting myself a target number of words to write each day in the past, but there are just days when life gets in the way, or I'm feeling unispired and it just doesn't happen. But the good thing now is that I know I can do it and so I must continue because although I've written the 50,000, the novel isn't complete. I imagine that a good percentage of what I've written will end up being edited out and so I've set myself a target of 1,000 words a day, five days a week in the hope that this will be more manageable and therefore ac


Hi again There has been quite a big gap between my first and second post, for two reasons mainly. The first is that I wasn't sure if this had been posted out to the ethernet never to be found by anyone else - yes I'm quite a novice with technology in some respects. The response from Jayne - thank you so much Jayne - reassured me that I wasn't talking to myself (as I spend half of my life!) and has spurred me on to post again. The second is that I have been involved in NaNoWriMo for the first time which has absorbed all my writing time. We're into the final week of NaNoWriMo and heading towards the 50,000 words target. In the last three weeks I have managed to write 38,000 words of my novel and I am somewhat astounded by this. It took me at least a year to even get this far with my yet unedited first novel and the fact that I have done this is three weeks is little short of a miracle. It just goes to show what you can achieve when you have a deadline. The prospect

My First Blog

Hello to anyone who might be out there. This is my first blog. Crosses fingers that anyone might actually be out there and might read this. I've been a writer for just as long as I can remember but have had more rejections that I actually care to contemplate. Just when I was thinking about giving it all up for good I had my first short story published courtesy of a Writers' Forum competition. The short story was not a "winner" but a just about about got there and was published in The Weekly News. To see my name published (and not just for a reader's letter) and to actually receive payment for it was just about the most exhilarating thing I have ever experienced and it gave me the boost to carry one. I've been tramping about other people's blogs for a while now but never had the bottle to do it for myself. My technological expertise isn't up to much either, so please forgive me. Perhaps I'll learn as I go along. I have written the first