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At the moment my life is very unpredictable and I'm struggling to plan any writing time.  Or rather I plan it and then life happens to get in the way. Now that I am working three days a week (which could soon become four), a large part of my daytime writing time has gone.   My freelance work is also picking up, but it always comes in when I'm least expecting it.  I sit down at my computer with ideas brimming for a story, I have a quick check of my emails and low and behold there is work to be done. I can't knock it though, at least I'm getting some work. At the moment I'm doing some audio transcription.  Years ago when I was a secretary, my boss used to record onto a cassette, which then when into a player which had headphones and a foot pedal plugged into it. My boss then was based in London, while I was based in Chester and every day he would dictate his letters and then post me the package containing a tape.  Initially this was in the days be

Who's for Ice-Cream?

As ever with the school holidays, I'm juggling work and childcare.  But last Friday I took the day off work and spent some time with my boys.  All of them, as my husband took a rare half day holiday too. It was blissful to wake up and not to have to marshal the troops to our various destinations on time.  Instead I pootled around in my PJ's and dressing gown - aahhh! In the afternoon, we took a jaunt out in the car to nearby Nantwich to Snugburys, an ice-cream farm.  Not only do they service a fantastic variety of ice-cream, but every year they also build a massive statue in straw. Last year it was a bear, and in the Olympic year, a huge Olympic ring with a cyclist on the top of it.  A few years ago it was a mere cat which was just brilliant. This year it was a Dalek It can be seen from miles around and took 700 man hours to build the steel girders and then pack with straw. I love the sign directing people towards it. The piglets were q

Egg Gate

Last week's homework from school was to design and paint an egg. I hate these arty homeworks because not one of us in this family has an arty bone in our bodies, so its always a bit of a trauma. Unfortunately for us, we forgot all about it until Thursday morning, so I dashed to Hobbycraft to buy paints and things to stick on the egg should it all go pear-shaped. Unsurprisingly, my youngest wanted to paint the Leeds logo on his egg (he's nothing if not predictable).  So we sketched out the logo on the egg and he began to paint.  But the paint wouldn't dry and it looked a mess. We rubbed off the paint and searched out the felt tips, and this was marginally better. It was only the front of the egg though and it looked a bit sparse so we tried to stick on some football shapes I had bought.  Have you ever tried to glue things onto eggs?  The glue I had bought didn't work and even UHU didn't produced the required effect. Fortunately my husband had som

Book Review

I can't believe that its April already - this year is going even quicker than ever. As I'm now bogged down in sorting out accounts for the end of the financial year, I thought that a book review would make more interesting reading than what I'm up to at the moment. So here it is,  The Light Between Oceans by M L Steadman This is a story about a lighthouse keeper and his wife, based in Australia, and it was on a recent Richard & Judy Bookclub list. Tom and his wife Izzy live a secluded life.  They only receive provisions by boat once every six months and are allowed home leave once every three years.  But despite this, initially, they are happy. Tom is a WWI survivor, and after the horrors of the war, he is content to live a peaceful, ordered life.  And Izzy is happy with Tom. A child would make her life perfect. But Izzy has a series of miscarriages which devastate her.  Then, one day, shortly after miscarrying late in her pregnancy, a boat washes up o