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Quality Time

Last weekend was a busy one. To be honest, most of my weekends are but it’s usually a case of trying to cram a week’s worth of chores into two days. This was different. First of all my ten year old was off to cub camp on Friday night (indoors not outdoors thankfully).   He is the most confident, outgoing child I have ever met.    He amazes me sometimes because he is the exact opposite of his worrywart mother.   Needless to say he left me without a backwards glance, whereas I fretted over whether he would be warm enough, have enough to eat, whether he had the right clothes.   I knew of course that I would spend the weekend missing him and that he would come back full of the joys of a good time.   I did and so did he.   But he was a very tired little boy who did want a cuddle from his mum which was comforting. It wasn’t the only parent-child event of the weekend as I went on my own little jaunt with my mum, her sister and my brother’s wife.   I love my mum (it goes without saying) and

Too Much Clutter

Adverts are everywhere, exhorting the values of the next must have gadget. Items which will revolutionise our lives and make us wonder how you we lived without them.    Methods of payment are all too easy too – just one click and it will be on its way. So is it any wonder that we live in a “must have” society? One of my resolutions this year was to de-clutter my house.    Well, I started but I have nowhere near finished, and over the year have probably accumulated more clutter than I have managed to dump / recycle / give away to charity. I’m not a shoe or a handbag fiend (although on recent review of these items I do seem to have rather a lot) but my major shopping weaknesses are books and notebooks.    This year I have made a demonstrable effort curtail my notebook habit and despite the odd slip have been moderately successful.    I’ve even tried to resist the temptation to pick up a paperback (or two) whenever I’m doing the weekly food shop or happen to stray into The Works.   I st

Where Does The Time Go?

Is it just me or is the Time Elf on the rob again?    I just don’t know what has happened to November – or the rest of the year for that matter.    I’m having a bit of a dilemma because I’m now facing the fact that I can deny the C thing no longer. It’s something to do with school nativities, Christmas fairs, football and cubs’ Christmas parties etc etc. And that’s without the thought of shopping, card writing, and who’s coming to stay for the big day? (Bit of familial negotiation going on there too!) With two boys who are very active, the only day of the week where I usually don’t have to be the after school taxi service is on a Thursday, but at the moment I have at least two things going on each day. Also the letters and texts from school asking for a donation for this, that and the other is just about driving me insane (as well as very poor).   If you see someone fighting for breath, trying to get out from under a mound of paper – that will be me! And of course all of this trying

Holiday Reads

I haven't reviewed any books recently so today I thought I'd review two of the best books I read on my recent holiday.  They are: A Weekend with Mr Darcy – Victoria Connelly From the moment I started to read this book I was hooked.  I loved the two female characters, Dr Katherine Roberts and the younger Robyn, and wanted each of them to find true love.   At times I did find their reactions to the situations they found themselves in a little frustrating but overall, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book. I loved being plunged into the world of Austen mania and have been inspired to re-read her novels, and all things regency.  A perfect holiday read. And: Want to Know A Secret? – Sue Moorcroft I read Starting Over a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to reading this novel.   What can I say?  I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I loved the main character – Diane – and really felt for her as she gradually finds out how much her husband ha

It's Beginning To Feel Alot Like Winter

This time last week I was lying on a sun lounger soaking up the rays in Lanzarote. Today I had to defrost the car before I could drive to work.   It’s a bit of a culture shock and the thought of the long winter ahead is just a little depressing.   I’m also suffering with early darkness since the clocks went back and have rediscovered that I hate driving in the dark.   It really makes me want to hibernate until the spring. I must admit though it was wonderful to get away at half term and it definitely recharged the batteries. As we didn’t get away in the summer, and on our holiday in May it rained most of the time, it felt much deserved.   The boys had three inset days tagged onto the half term so we didn’t even have to take them out of school which was even better. We went to Playa Blanca to Flamingo Beach , a First Choice holiday village and I must admit the facilities were fabulous (the food was pretty good too which means I have come home with a serious intention to diet).     Th