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One Hundred Years Ago

I could hardly let this day go by without making reference to the sacrifice that so many men and women made for this country as a result of World War I. No one had experienced a war like it, and at the beginning, I doubt that most people really understood the reason we had been pulled into the conflict. As with many wars a seemingly small incident can lead to many other countries becoming involved - especially if they are looking for an excuse to exert dominance over others. I find it so sad that that initial single death caused the death of so many millions - on both sides of the war.   World War I was to be the war to end all wars, sadly two decades later we were at war again and have remained in some kind of conflict ever since.  It seems that the leaders of our countries have learnt nothing by these sacrifices.  But that's another debate. To concentrate on this anniversary I wanted to post a poem which to me sums up the pointless of such hostilities. Wh