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Getting My Mojo Back

So far 2018 hasn’t been the most productive year of my writing life.    There have been many other things to deal with and for the large part I have been concentrating on my recovery from my illness in February, which has taken longer than expected.     But in September I received the news that my brain has healed well and I don’t have to have any more surgery which, quite frankly, I was dreading.     My Rheumatoid Arthritis unfortunately still isn’t under control and I’m having to trial different medication, but that I can deal with. I’m still here and for that I am truly grateful. Both illnesses cause me to experience fatigue so after a day in work, it is often difficult to summon up the energy to write but I’m trying to slot little bits of writing in whenever I can and by trying to do a little bit each day, even if it is only a little bit, I can finally feel my writing mojo returning.  I’ve only managed to submit two stories this year, hardly likely to earn my fortune, bu