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Inspiration Strikes

As well as my ever towering to be read pile of books and endless notes on what I want to write next, over the Christmas period I also amassed quite a few recordings on the TV.  Well it was a bit of a cultural highlight - Jane Austen and Charles Dickens all in one season. So during these dark winter nights I have been very much entertained. The other night I watched the TV biography of JK Rowling.   Now I don't know how close to the reality it was, but considering it   was unauthorised and was made to entertain, I suspect that a fair proportion of poetic licence may have been involved in the making.   The further I got into the programme, though, the more I enjoyed it. For me it wasn't really about the facts; it was about one woman's determination to achieve her goal, no matter how long it took or how many rejections she received along the way. I especially loved the bits where she had a few spare moments and she would slip out her notebook and start writing. Perhaps it&

It's Snowing, So It Must Be Panto Season

Last weekend I went to see my sister-in-law perform at a school production.   The school is where my niece goes to, where I and both my brothers also went, and was to celebrate the school’s 50 th anniversary. My sister-in-law has never acted before and had decided to give it a go because it is something she has always fancied trying, and she seemed to be really enjoying herself. We all had tickets for last Saturday night but to be honest, I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it because of the weather.    I live about 30 miles away from my old home, and normally the journey is a doddle, but I don’t like driving at night and I particularly don’t like driving in bad weather. But it was important to my sister-in-law and I wanted to support her, so I decided to go anyway. It was raining heavily when I left, even though it was -1 o C, and the spray on the motorway made driving difficult.   Before I had left, my Dad had said it was snowing where they were but I didn’t think it would set