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Time to Plan! This is a rather belated post bearing in mind that it is already February but it’s all about my writing hopes for the year ahead. I can honestly say that although last year was a busy year for me, it wasn’t productive writing-wise. My short stories consistently failed to hit the right spot and I lost my focus. On the plus side I did complete a freelance journalism correspondence course I had signed onto the previous year, through Writing Magazine.   I’ve always been interested in history and love the research but have never had the confidence before to write non-fiction for publication, but now, thanks to the course, and particularly Michelle Higgs, I have the confidence to do that.   Not only that, but I have a number of articles ready to be edited and sent out.   So, one of my hopes this year is to start to generate sales in non-fiction magazines. The news just before Christmas that from now on Take A Break would only be accepting submi