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Locked In

Last night we got locked into the living room. Oh yes.  The handle on the door to go out of the living room has been a bit sticky of late but although the other half and I have both been meaning to have a look at it, neither of us have had the chance. I was ironing when my eldest tried to open the door to go to the loo.  He kept grabbing at the handle but it wouldn't open.  Exasperated I attempted to show him how to do it (again)! Only I couldn't open it either.  So my husband came strutting into the living room from cooking the dinner (I have a husband who cooks how lucky am I?). He then attempted to show us all how to open it but he couldn't do it either.  He tugged and tugged and then..... the handle came off in his hand and he flew backwards.  Fortunately the sofa broke his fall.  Unfortunately my youngest was sittting on said sofa cuddling the cat.  The cat took umbridge at being pounced on by a human adult male and did a cartoon impresssion of a cat in fright - b

Holiday Reading

My holiday at Easter may seem like it was in the dim and distant past but thankfully, the books I read are not. So here's some reviews of the books I read.  First of all is: All That Mullarky by Sue Moorcroft I've been a big fan of the previous two Sue Moorcroft books I've read - Starting Over and Want To Know A Secret? All That Mullarky certainly didn't disappoint. I wouldn't go so far as to say the kids could have drowned while I was reading it but it might have been a close call. Sue creates such wonderfully vivid and likeable characters that you can't but help want to become involved in their lives and travel with them on their journey. At the beginning of this novel it looks as though Cleo's marriage to the controlling Gav is at an end. When he tells her that she has to choose between him and going to a school reunion, she chooses the school reunion because she doesn't like his ultimatum. Half way there, though, s

How Time Flies!

I can hardly believe that it’s the middle of June already and this is my first blog of the month.   Can I use the bank holiday extravaganza and half term as my excuse? Probably not, but in between everything else, I’ve been working on the edit of my submission for the RNA’s New Writer’s Scheme.   I’m just over half way through the third draft of my novel and am doing a massive re-write.  I suppose that I should have sorted out a lot of these problems before now, but I’m consoling myself that it’s all part of the learning curve.   I’m much happier with what I’ve written and am hoping that after this draft, a quick read through will be enough to reach a stage where I’m happy to submit it. In saying that, I may not have an option as I’m rapidly running out of time. Time, as with most people, is my biggest enemy.    I’ve just downloaded Peter Jones’ book How To Do Everything And Be Happy onto my Kindle.   I came across this book on Della Galton’s blog. (Sorry can't put the lin