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Back Again

Well, it didn't take me long to get back into slovenly blog posting again now did it? My excuse is that I started a new job on 6 December and its taking some getting used to.   Each day I've worked I've come back with my head so full of it that I haven't been able to find the head space to write.   I've never worked in the voluntary sector before and its quite a different challenge, especially as the organisation I'm working for doesnt seem to be, well very organised.  I'm thinking that's why they've employed me.   They've already upped my hours from 10 to 15 a week, and working between school hours that will effectively be 3 days a week from January.  The lady I'm working with is also new though.  She's lovely and it will be great to be working together to, hopefully, make some big improvements. I'm still doing my freelance work and working for my husband, so it hasn't left me much time to write, especially with the mad das

Good News from The Weekly News!

I had a email from Jill Finlay today to say that they will be publishing a story of mine on 14 December. That will be 3 in total - not a big deal in comparison to many of you out there but you have to start somewhere! To be honest Jill had had the story for rather a long time and I'd given up hope, but I thought I'd send a query email just to be on the safe side.  I expected a "no" to bounce back, so this news was doubly exciting.  I suppose the message in this is to not give up hope, and that maybe after a long time, a polite query email, may actually do some good. I've had a dance round the living room with  my boys, I think they think I'm quite mad.  The first question was "How much are you getting paid for it?"  the second question, which remained unspoken, I'm sure was "What are you going to buy me with it?"   Christmas presents perhaps?    Now I'm off to have a celebratory cup of tea, and maybe even one of my