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The Bottom Line

The recession is a bit like a flood, its effect is long reaching, but only drop by drop do we realise how far it has permeated our day to day lives. To me, this latest recession seems to have been going on forever and I wonder where it will end. My husband runs his own business in the construction industry and a few years ago things were very much touch and go. Fortunately he survived and bit by bit the business seems to be clawing its way back. But as one area of industry turns a corner, another reaches its low point. I currently work in the tertiary education sector and due to finances and falling student numbers the course I run will be running its final academic year from September. I’m one of the lucky ones. I have another full year’s employment but some of my colleagues aren’t so fortunate. Post graduate education is expensive and some of the people who have been hit hardest by this recession are the very people who would normally pay for their children to receive that educati

Apologies For Absence

Two reasons for being a bad blogger: 1. Half term holiday in Majorca 2. I've being trying (trying being the operative word) to edit my novel so that I can send it in to the RNA before the deadline for the New Writers Scheme expires - OK so August sounds a long way away but I would like to get it in before then. After our wonderful family holiday in February we decided to spend a week in the sun at half term.  In the past we have visited Majorca at this time of year and had fantastic holidays, so we decided to go back.  Alas, perhaps this year was a mistake. Rain at the airport was the first sign that this was not going to be a sun filled event.  The next five days of intermittent rain and constant overcast skies tested the patience of all involved somewhat, along with the noise, too many people in one venue, greed and rudeness of fellow holiday makers. I'm not exaggerating honest - but this holiday made the sit com Benidorm seem positively sophisticated. Still, I'm