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Writing And Marriage

Sometimes I think that writing is a bit like marriage; or at least a long term relationship. At first there is the all consuming buzz. Your new novel is the only thing you can think about, its all consuming and you struggle to pretend to be a fully paid up member of society as you think about your characters, environment and (if you’re writing romance) that all consuming first love scene. It’s a bit like having an affair but without actually committing infidelity. After a while the first flush of passion wanes a little. It still feels a bit like a guilty secret - especially if you’re doing it on the side of work, family and life etc, but the dazzle is less. Half way through the first draft and you’re beginning to wonder if its all worth it but you continue anyway - because you believe in the happy ever after. And then you get to the end of first draft and its like you’re celebrating the engagement party - yes the happy ever after is in the bag. After a bit of time out you realise

Talking of Footie and Birthdays

Well what a weekend that was. It started off early on Saturday morning as my eldest son who is nine was playing in the final of his football league.   All the matches were played at Chester football ground so this was a major event and incredibly nerve wracking, both for us watching and him playing.   The kick off was a nine am and by nine forty five I was physically drained.    I must admit the team played well and had many chances to score but unfortunately it was not to be.   However, the other team didn’t score either so no one lost.   Being only nine they don’t do extra time or penalties so both teams will share the Shield for six months each.    It was rather nice that there were no losers on the day and both teams should be proud of themselves for playing some very good football. I’m not what you call a football fanatic, but living with three of them in the house, you do tend to get involved and it was a lovely atmosphere at the stadium with mums and dads shouting for their b

A Royal Wedding and The Middletons

I must say I'm not an obssesive Royalist, but I do believe that the monarchy plays a part in what puts the Great in Britain.  People complain that they are a financial drain on society but when you look at the amount of tourism they bring into the country they also put an awful lot back.  Watching the wedding on Friday I thought it amazing how it brought so many people together.  What was especially lovely was to see a Royal couple who have taken the time to get to know each other and are genuinely affectionate together.  I wish them joy in their marraige and hope it is a long and happy one.  I think William and Kate will bring new depths to the monarchy and are just what are needed to bring a modernity to the institution. What is strange for me is the fact that the name Middleton is banded around constantly in the press because that's my  name too.  Unfortunately the name is the only thing we have in common (wouldn't say no to some of their dosh or connections).  My husb