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Books, Books, Lovely Books

Every year I make sure I receive some books for Christmas, and if I don't get any, I buy them for myself in the Twixmas time. This year I received three - I gave the boys a list so I knew I would get want I wanted, and so far I have already read two of them. The first book was Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healey I heard about this on the Richard and Judy book club and put it straight on my To Be Read list. The story is told from the point of view of Maud, who is an elderly lady suffering from memory loss.  Throughout the book we see what's its like to be unable to remember where you put things, what you are doing half way through doing it, and sometimes even recognising family.  A consistent thread in the book is that Maud is troubled that her friend Elizabeth is missing, despite the fact that everyone around her tells her she is not.  Whilst Maud is trying to find her friend, the narrative dips back into Maud's past when her own sister disappeared as a young wi

Happy Birthday!

Today is my youngest son's birthday. A horrible time to have a birthday, when everyone is fed up with the Christmas celebrations and just wants to get back to normal. Usually his birthday falls on the first day back at school and the weather is horrible. Poor thing.  He was due on Christmas Eve but hung on all the way through Christmas and New Year, so in many ways he's only got himself to blame. So, twelve years ago this little angel popped into my life. And this is him now Yes, he does look like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, but I can assure you that looks can be deceptive and he can be a real challenge at times. But I love him to bits and hope he enjoys his birthday despite the rotten time of year. Love you Georgie!

A Belated Happy New Year!

A very happy belated New Year to you all, lets hope that 2016 is a good year for all of us. At the very least I'm aiming for 2016 to be a productive year as you can't control success, but you do have to be in it to win it! Sometimes though when I sit down to write, I have so may projects on the go that I don't know where to start. So in the gentle period between Christmas and New Year, I started to go through both the hard copies of my previous stories, and all those I have on the hard drive.  Now they are all in places where I know what the next stage is and I have a list of things to do to work through. Now its just a case of finding the time to actually do anything with them. This weekend we had our usual pre-youngest son's birthday trip to watch Leeds play. To be honest it was a bit a of disappointing game, ending in a draw but only because the opposition scored an own goal. Today, I planned to have the day to myself, but eldest son didn't go bac