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Wallowing Through Treacle

This just about sums my life up at the moment. Whatever I do seems like two steps forward and one step back. And that's before the children break up for the summer holidays. Experience tells me it's only going to get worse. All routine will go out of the window and I won't be able to find much head space to write. And write I must because I really need to send off my NWS manuscript within the next month and I feel that it's nowhere near finished. I have this increasing urge to run away from my life, find a country cottage or a log cabin somewhere, deny internet access, turn off the mobile and become a hermit. Of course, this is all just wistful thinking because there is absolutely no chance of escape - or even getting away for the weekend without my family. So I need to find solutions not problems. I've downloaded Peter Jones' book - How To Do Everything and Be Happy. Now I just need to find the time to read it. Take Care PS -

Books, books, books

Hi all Yes, there's more book reviews on today's blog - I'm nearly catching up, I promise. Here goes: The Perfect Hero – Victoria Connelly I loved A Weekend With Mr Darcy and couldn’ t wait to read Victoria ’ s next novel. Knowing that it was based on Persuasion, I decided to re-read the original first. I ’ m glad I did because I hadn ’ t read Persuasion for a very long time and probably wouldn ’ t have ‘ got ’ some of the references if the novel hadn't been  fresh in my mind. I do love Austen, and anything which brings her characters into the present, which Victoria Connelly does so well, but I did find some of the plotting predictable. Within the modern day romance the big question is will our main character, Kay, end up with her perfect hero? Unfortunately I became so frustrated with Kay's blindness to who the real hero was that I kept wanting to shout out ‘ he ’ s behind you! ’ Despite that it was still an enjoyable read and it hasn

Chasing My Tail

I was a very bad blogger during June and I promised myself that July would be better.   Well, so far I’ve not lived up to my own expectations. At the moment I feel as though my life has gone mad. The last few weeks have seen me rushing from one event to another, and in between there has been precious little time to do anything apart from get ready for the next event. Of course it’s a busy time at school, what with summer fairs, sports days, performances and other special events.   My youngest has had the rare opportunity to spend 6 days at a local outdoor centre.   This has taken place on odd days over several weeks which is a disruption to my routine (I do like routine), and has meant a split school run as eldest son has still been at school.   Eldest son has taken part in the annual district sports competition – 100 metres sprint, varying football practices, a school performance and is currently attending both cubs as scouts as he is going up to scouts in September and i