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I'm In The People's Friend

I'm delighted to say that this week the story which was accepted by The People's Friend just before Christmas published.   Originally it was called Stage Fright but has been renamed to Second Chances.   The idea of the story came when I was watching my sister-in-law perform in a PTA school production of the Wizard of Oz.  She had never acted before so to watch her was a bit of a revelation - I've never had the guts to go on stage myself, and was very proud of her. It made me think about what would happen if someone had acted professionally before but had to put that career on hold.  What would happen if all of a sudden she was back in the limelight again - albeit on a small scale. And so the idea was born.  It's taken quite a few re-writes to get the story to a stage where is it publishable but it was worth the effort.   I usually hate reading my stories once they are published, I'm hyper-critical about what I could have done better but I actually enjo