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My Holiday Reads

OK, I know its ages since my holiday (desperately in need of another one) but I wanted to post about the books I read while I was away. So here goes The first one was: Hothouse Flower by Lucinda Riley I saw this book in Tesco’s just before Christmas and put it on my Christmas wish list (actually, no I didn’t – I put it in my husband’s hot little  hands and told him to go and buy it for me – sometimes there’s no point in just wishing!) One of the first things which attracted it to me was the cover.  It reminded me of two of my favourite books by Kate Moreton – The House at Riverton and The Forgotten Garden. I love historical novels but I love them even more when the characters in the present day are delving into their family’s past. In fact I love it so much that this is one of the genres I am trying to write and one day hope to publish.    I’ll never be as good as Kate Moreton but there’s no harm in having aspirations. Later I learned that Hothouse Flower was nominated for the Richa

On A Lighter Note

Sorry for my ramblings of Monday - hope I didn't depress you all too. The black fug has lifted and I'm back to normal now.  The messy house is still the same but I'm just trying not to either notice it or let it get me down. A while ago I entered a competition in Candis to become their next blogger.  You had to write something amusing that happened to you in 200 words. Today I found out that I didn't get anywhere with the competition, not that I expected to really, but at least its given me a new blog post.  So please see below my entry to the competition. Hope it makes you smile. As my fingers fumbled uselessly in my handbag, I realised with rising panic that I had forgotten my door key. My mouth went dry, heart began to thud and my palms were sweaty.   I was later than I’d planned to be, well you know what it’s like when you get talking, and my husband had obviously decided to have an early night.   To make matters worse the battery on my mobile was dead.   I

In A Black Fug

I have to confess, I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday and it's left me feeling a bit downhearted.  Not about my writing especially but just about life in general.  I have two children, a husband, a house and a job, I'm also a part time unpaid secretary for my husband's business. And I'm trying to write.  No matter what I do, there are never enough hours in the day.   My kids are involved in all sorts of sporting activities after school and at the weekend.  They are popular children and have lots of friends.  My husband plays golf.  And in my spare time I, well I wash, iron, cook, clean and most depressing of all I pick up the used detritus of their everyday lives that they just can't be bothered to put away because that's what's mum's there for.  I have tried to train them, honest I have, but the only thing I have achieved is to turn myself into a nag.  A friend of my son's summed it up on Friday when he said that my youngest son reminded him of h

Normal Service Resumed

It's been a while I know, but we had a fab two week holiday in Lanzarote and its taken me a while to catch up - especially with the never decreasing pile of ironing! The weather was brilliant while we were away and it was wonderful to think that we were lying by the pool in winter.  It really cheered me up and made me wonder if I had actually been suffering from SAD syndrome. In contrast to the laziness of being on holiday my real life is considerably more chaotic.  I've often wanted to make my life less busy but with two young boys who are mad on sports and joining every club going its impossible - Mum's taxi is always in hot demand.  I'll just have wait for another another ten years until they can drive themselves - or better still drive me. Normally when I'm on holiday I scribble like mad in my notebook and usually manage to write a substantial amount of the current WIP.  But this year I'm about to go into edit mode and inspiration deserted me.  I did mana