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Sean Bean But Not As You Know Him

I must admit I'm enjoying the dramas which have started recently. Ruth Rendell's Thirteen Steps Down, a physchological thriller based on a man obsessed by the killer John Christie, was chilling and I'm looking forward to the conclusion on Monday. An old favourtie - Celebrity Masterchef - has returned to brighten up my days, and a host of other cookery programmes have ignited my desire to cook "proper food" again. Then, of course my guilty pleasure X Factor, is due to start shortly.  I vow every year that I will not get sucked in, and every year I do.  I tend to get bored half way through the live shows, but I love the auditions.  It's the car crash syndrome I suppose. But I think the jewel in this week's TV crown was definitely Sean Bean in Accused.  Now I've always enjoyed his performances in Lady Chatterley and Sharpe but I can't say I expected to ever see him dressed as a woman.  In this week's episode, written by Jimmy McGo

All Over Now

The country seems a quieter place now that the Olympics have ended. Even though they were centred in London, the "vibe" was certainly felt up here in the north. I'm not the most sporty of people - not even the armchair variety - so my cup wasn't exactly running over with excitement in the run up to the big event, even though I was proud, and a little nervous, that it was being held here. I have to admit, even though I wasn't glued to the tele - unlike some members of my family (namely youngest son) -  I did enjoy the bits of it I watched, especially the women's football which was a bit of a surprise. I also caught a bit of the tennis and watched Tom Daly achieve his bronze on the edge of my seat. I'm so pleased that he got a medal, and whilst people were hoping he'd get gold, I think the bronze was an amazing achievement and I'm looking forward to seeing him in Rio, when I'm sure he's going to be even better. The sport I enjo

Up, Off and Away

Well, by now my RNA New Writers' Scheme script will be winging its way to the reader, courtesy of Royal Mail. I say winging, but judging by the weight of it, it might be bumping along rather slowly.  I thought I might have to take a second mortgage to post it, but if the critique is anything like last year's, it will be worth it. I thought I had finished the final edit when I realised it was over the preferred word limit, so rather desperately I went through it again.  In the end I managed to cut 9,000 words to bring it well below the upper level.  I was actually shocked that I managed to cut so much out without affecting the plot, it just goes to show how much of my writing is superfluous. It taught me alot and made me aware of words I repeat which just aren't necessary. I'm sure the novel is still too long for the market, but I'm hoping the critique will show me where it could be reduced. I do feel that at the moment it is the best that it can be