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You Just Never Know

One of the frightening things about life is that you never know what's round the corner. Then again, I supose that if you did, it would be even more frightening. Last week, it was my niece's birthday, she was eleven, the same age as my eldest.  On Sunday my brother and his wife were preparing a family party for her. My brother took his beloved dog for a walk to the local river where she loved to swim.  She jumped in but couldn't get back out.  My brother jumped in after her, and managed to get her out, but it was too late, even though he tried to resussitate her. People who don't have pets, don't really understand what a big part of your lives they become.  She was a member of our family and she is going to leave a big hole in our lives.  Particularly my brother.  The words if only are the saddest two words in the English language. When I got home it was dark, there was a cat sitting in the middle of the road.  It wouldn't move, even when  I got out of t

The Big Declutter

The last few weeks have been rather strange. Leaving the job I've been at for the last eight years was a poignant experience.  I started there when my youngest was a baby and now he's in junior school - how the time has flown and how much things have changed since I first started. My redundancy had been looming for so long that I was almost at the stage of just wishing it was over, but everyone gave me a good send off and so I ended up feeling rather sad. And since then, have I had all the time in the world to get stuck into my wrting?  The short answer is a resounding no. We go on holiday next week, which I'm really looking forward to - we didn't go away in the summer so we all deserve a good break.  We're off to Lanzarote so I'm hoping for some serious sunshine, swimming and some reading and writing. But before all that I have to get rid of eight years of clutter.   We have a family of four coming to stay while we are  away, staying on until after we

No Let Up

You would think that now I have finally finished work, life would be a bit easier but I'm still in catch up mode. Its been a hectic few weekends what with the "Birthday" and going to Leeds for the weekend. That was brilliant actually.  My boys support Leeds because they are following in their dad's footsteps who, although Chester born and bred, has supported them since he was young when they were at their best. When they were little I thought they might be taken the mic out of for following a team that wasn't part of the trend, but now I'm really proud of them, because they are not just following the team who is most popular at the moment. Because there are only a few supporters in this area though, and no shops selling the kit, it was an uplifiting experience to be walking to the ground with hoards of fellow fans all wearing the same colours.  We had seats in the family area which was great, and right where most of the action was for a la