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Happy Valentine's Day

I always used to hate Valentine’s Day, probably because it gave all the more popular, prettier girls in school an opportunity to boast about how many cards they had received whilst I never received any.  I consider it a night which is overpriced, over commercialised and is a bit of a poke in the eye for anyone who isn’t currently in a relationship. Also, with a distinct lack of babysitters at the moment, going out for a romantic dinner is pretty much off the cards. But I do like to make an effort and we’ve swapped cards this morning and tonight I will be cooking a three course meal.  I love cooking and a chance to try out new recipes so I’ve spent the day doing my domestic goddess bit and feeling very happy with myself.  Let’s hope the dishes work out and I’m feeling just as happy by the end of the night! Anyway, for those of you who have ever wondered about the origins of Valentine’s Day, here’s a bit of history. St Valentine was an early Italian Christian Saint

February Challenge

I’ve decided to go back to basics for February as I wanted to make this month really count as far as my writing is concerned. After a day of work, tied to a computer screen, I don’t always feel inspired to switch on the laptop when I get home, so I’ve decided to get out my notebook and start filling up the pages instead. Now, I’m a big lover of buying notebooks  and as the pile of freshly printed paper is building, it’s about time I started to use them and I’m finding that the whole pen to paper way of letting my words out is a hugely satisfying process. I’ve set myself a challenge throughout February to write a minimum of 500 words each day.  That might not sound a lot, but after a long period of editing rather than writing I am pleased that every day I am now producing something new. I know it’s probably quicker to write direct to the screen as I am a fast typist, but I’m just glad that already this month I have written two new stories and am onto my third. Obv

A Long, Slow Process

I haven’t blogged much about writing recently but that’s because I’ve been working on a long, slow project. For a few years now I’ve been working on a couple of novels but one in particular is the most complete. It’s a novel about a working mum, who struggles to find the right balance between her work and her home life. After completing a very rough first draft I started an online course with Writing Magazine where for each assignment I submitted a chapter which was critiqued and re-written before sending the next chapter. The course was good and really gave me the confidence to improve the rest of the novel.  It took me a while but I completed a second and then a third draft and then sent it for feedback to the Romantic Novelist’s Association for a critique on the New Writers’ Scheme.  After receiving some positive feedback I redrafted it again and then sent it to my online writers’ group. By this stage I actually felt that it was almost complete but it was st