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A Slow Month

October has been a bit of a slow month writing-wise.   It’s been busy everywhere else with family birthdays and families in general. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my mum was 70 and we’d planned a bit of a birthday meal with all the rest of the family including her brothers and sister and my own brother who is currently living in Spain . It was all a bit hush hush and the secret keeping a bit stressful.   It all went OK on the weekend though and she had a lovely time.   We bought her laptop. She’s never owned a computer of her own before so this was a bit of a thrill for her. She’s really gone for it and is now online.   There’ll be no stopping her once she starts!   She’s had a few lessons off me and my other brother, but I’m sure there’ll be a lot more. My niece was 10 last week too, so we went up again last weekend.   It’s lovely to see all the family so much, but when you’re working all week, it does take a big chunk out of your time.   I seem to spend my life in constant catc

A Very Frustrating Day

Technology is a wonderful thing – but only when it works.   When it doesn’t it can be very, very trying. Stupidly I transferred a lot of my work from my netbook onto a memory stick when we went on holiday as I had downloaded a load of dvd’s.   When we got back I didn’t bother putting it back on as I work from different computers and it was much easier just to use the memory stick than to continually move stuff back and forth between the computers – I have little memory myself and get easily confused!   At the back of my mind I kept telling myself to back up all my work in case I lost the stick but never got round to it.    You know what’s coming next don’t you? I’ve been working on my husband’s accounts recently – only behind by about 6 months so decided to do it in the dining room, so I could watch / listen to the X Factor.    I’ve worked hard this week on that and amazingly am almost up to date.    But when I was at work yesterday I decided to look at something on my usb in my lu


Well, it’s been a busy few weeks with birthdays aplenty.    Son’s birthday sleepover went without physical mishap so that was good.   On the negative side it was very, very LOUD.   Well, I suppose it’s what you would expect with five 9 / 10 year olds a 7 year old and a 6 year old.   But I’d forgotten just how loud boys can be when they’re en-mass. Only three slept over other in addition to my two, but I am still struggling to figure out where the “sleep” in sleepover is.    I naively thought that it would be fun for them all to sleep in one room – a downstairs bedroom.   Well, it was fun for them but not for me.    In the end I had to split them up and then stand sentry on the door to prevent one individual from sneaking back downstairs again.     Then at 2.15am three of them woke me up with their noise and I got very cross.   It didn’t make me feel like a very nice person but it had to be done as four of them had football matches the next morning.    I won’t be doing it again in a hu