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Can Anyone Help Me Find My Mojo?

I was planning to write lots of stories while I was on holiday but somehow I couldn't find the inspiration.   I came up with a few new ideas but on reflection, they all seemed a bit run of the mill. The feedback I've had recently is that although my stories are well written, the themes are well used, with nothing to make them stand out from the crowd.   So I kept rejecting my ideas because I didn't think they were original enough to be worth writing up.   The other thing is that I'm working on my novel for the RNA's New Writer's Scheme and I'm finding it hard to switch between long and short fiction.   I did manage to work out some plot problems I had with the novel and I've been working on that since I came back which is taking up rather a lot of my time.   The trouble is I fear its taking up too much time so I can't get my head round writing and submitting short stories.   Part of me tells me not to worry, to get the novel finished and then go

Pirate Ships and Camel Rides

We went on two trips while we were on holiday. Close to where we were staying was the marina at Port El Kantaoui . This was a beautiful place with musical fountains, stalls, restaurants and the obligatory high maintenance boats. I love harbours and marinas and love sitting in a quayside bar with the sun on my face, a cold drink in my hand and nothing more important to do than watch the hive of activity around me. While we were there we decided to venture out on a pirate boat.   The boat was filling up nicely and at the last minute we were joined by, I assume, an extended Tunisian family with numerous children. All went well, we got out to sea and were served fish salad and bread. It was a bit basic to say the least but our fellow family seemed to be enjoying it, until I noticed that one of the men looked rather ill and was dabbing his head with a handkerchief. It was a beautiful sunny day but the waves were quite choppy and before long the man was en

I'm Back!

Well, I have been for a while now but I have to confess that I just haven’t found the time to blog – naughty, naughty! We had a lovely relaxing holiday – well until my husband fell off a camel that is (more about that later)! The weather in Tunisia wasn’t brilliant – sometimes it was quite hot and that was great, but when the clouds came over, it was really quite cold.   The weather changed for the better on the day we left so what does that tell you?   The swimming pools were freezing which was a bit of a disappointment for us all. The hotel did have its own private beach though, which was lovely.   It was great to be able to read my book(s) to the sound of the waves, without having to schlep for miles to find it in the first place. The boys loved playing in the sand too which definitely compensated for the swimming pool. When we booked we didn’t realise that the tourist parts of Tunisia shut down over the winter so we were there right at the start of the season and it

I've been tagged

The lovely  Teresa Ashby  has tagged me - sorry Teresa, I've been a bit slack in replying to this. The tag has the lucky 7 meme. It’s all about the number seven – lucky for some. The tagged-one has to turn to page 77 of their current work in progress, go to line 7 and copy out the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs. Then 7 more people must be tagged I'm afraid page the lines 7-14 on page 77 weren't especially exciting, but this is only a rough first draft. So here goes: My reflection doesn’t please me at all.   Once upon a time, in days which are a blip in my memory, my stomach was flat.   Now, a roll of fat hangs over my Caesarean scar in a wobbly unattractive dollop.   But I can’t just blame it on the children. Somehow I’ve managed to add to the weight I gained carrying them and the result is a heavier more maternal figure than I’m happy with. I’m really going to have to do something to stop the rot before I turn into a complete dough ball. Exercise: something