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A Busy Weekend and More Reviews

Well with Paddy’s Day and Mother’s Day following on from each other, last weekend was pretty full on and was topped off yesterday with a trip to Liverpool to renew my son’s passport. It turns out that although on the website it says that Check and Send takes two weeks, apparently this is not guaranteed.   The lady in the post office also said that I only had twelve working days, so not quite two weeks.   Does this mean the passport office works on a different time zone to the rest of us? I wonder. It was an hour and a half round trip (which could have been a lot worse!) but the application process took a maximum of two minutes, oh, and I had to pay double.   I’m determined to be a lot more organised about renewal dates in future! Anyway, on to some more bookreviews.   The next on the list is Christmas At Tiffany’s by Karen Swan   This was another Christmas present but not one I had anticipated and it was an unexpected delight. This was chick lit for grown ups, and very Jilly Coop


Finally managed to book a holdiay over Easter. To Tunisa.  I've never been there before and I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.  It does wipe out most of the time over the bank holidays where I would normally catch up on things around the house, but I don't care, I can't wait to get a break. It's a really early flight - have to be at the airport at 4.30 in the morning (which I hate) and we get back at tea time the day before the boys go back to school. My eldest is going on a 3 day activtiy trip with school the next morning, so he is going to be shattered. And I am going to have to be ultered organised to manage it all (oops).  The only downside is that this morning I realised that my eldest son's passport runs out in June so I'm going to have to get it renewed before we go. (Good job I decided to check this morning).  If I check and send then it should come back in two weeks - keep your fingers crossed for me or we won't be going anywhere. Off

What I've Been Reading

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been reading quite a lot recently so over the next few weeks I’m going to post some reviews. Firstly though, today I’ve submitted my entry for the Novelicious Undiscovered competition – up to 3000 words of an opening chapter of a chick lit novel.   It’s a novel I’ve been working on for a number of years now, so fingers crossed.   It would be wonderful to be selected but I know there will be huge competition and I’m not counting my chickens. Now, onto the reviews.    A while ago (well last year actually!) on my usual trawl through Amazon (I don’t need any more new books to topple over the tbr pile, or clog up my Kindle, but I’m afraid I’m addicted), I came across the Little Women Letters by Gabrielle Donnelly. I was intrigued to find out how the writer would bring the original into the present day.   In the modern version, the great granddaughter of Jo finds her ancestor’s letters in the attic and uses them to help her deal with her dilemmas i

BBC Radio 2 500 Word Short Story Competition

I forgot to mention in my last post - last week my youngest entered Radio 2's 500 word short story competition.   Out of thousands of entries, I doubt he will stand a chance of being in the top 25 for his age group, but I'm so proud that he finished his story.   500 coherent words is a lot for an 8 year old to write and to see him diligently tapping away at his laptop was the equivalent of a sugar rush. Even more encouraging was the fact that, with a little encouragement, he was prepared to edit his first draft until he was happy with his entry.   He's chuffed, I'm chuffed and we've both learnt a lot.    So it's win, win all round I think.

Apologies For Absence

Things have been a bit tricky recently, not that that is much of an excuse for my failure to blog.    I’m not used to being ill, it doesn’t come naturally and so when I am, I don’t deal with it very well.   In saying that, I haven’t been the kind of ill which incapacitates you, there were times that I wished I was, but for most of this year so far, I’ve been feeling under the weather, and generally lacking in energy and inspiration. The cause has been a series of colds and, of course, the dreaded abscess on my gum. Several courses of antibiotics have managed to keep it at bay, but its still there, niggling under the surface.   Sometimes at night it comes out to play, jarring my teeth and making me feel like a hamster with swollen cheeks, but then by morning it goes back into hibernation.   I suppose I should be grateful for the reprieve but I feel like its dragging me down. But of course I keep going, I have a job, a house and two children (three if you count my husband) to look aft