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New Year's Resolutions

OK so I know its a bit late for resolutions but.... I decided this year I wasn't going to make any yearly resolutions because basically they would be the same as last year - get a novel out there, read more, declutter the house, create more time for writing etc etc. I have found that having a resolution with a time span of a whole year simply doesn't work for me because you think you have loads of time and then suddenly its December. Towards the end of last year I started setting myself monthy writing targets.  I found that this shorter space of time geared me up to work harder and while some months I set myself too many tasks, at least I had a list that I could tick off as I went. A ticked list gives me a huge sense of satisfaction (saddo that I am) and even a half ticked off list is better than none. So this year my new year's resolution was to set myself monthly targets for both my writing and at home.  Now, that January is nearly at a end I have some ticks and some n

The King's Speech

I went to see The King's Speech on Wednesday with some friends. I must admit I was rather sceptical before I went. Sometimes when a film has such rave reviews you go expecting greatness and come back feeeling a little short changed. It was definitely not the case with this film. I'm sure the film has been reviewed by people much more knowledgeable than myself on the industry but we all know what we like and what we don't like, and yes, I definitely liked this film. As far as the plot's concerned, and compared to other films, on paper there's not alot going on. Although the abdication was a major event in history and probably has changed all our lives even without us realising, because we know what is going to happen I suppose the storyline could have had the potential to be a little dull in places. Dull it was not. In fact I was gripped all the way through. This came from fantastic characterisation, acting and dialogue. Colin Firth was brilliant, as his accol

It's No Use! I'm addicted

Some women go crazy for shoes, some for handbags.   And whilst I have a fair share of both, its books I can’t resist when I’m out shopping. And notebooks. And stationery. Of any kind really. My tbr pile is reaching dangerous, skyscraper proportions, I’ve   started keeping books in different   cupboards in the house as there are too many to store in just one place and I’ve even siphoned some off to store in my desk at work. So, after an expensive Christmas where I slithered into the dodgy depths of overdraft, I swore that January would be a book buying free month. I would curb my impulses and keep my hands firmly in my pockets.   I would refuse to buy any more books until my stash is somewhat diminished.   So far this month I’ve done really well.   I’ve averted my eyes in the supermarket and refused to go anywhere near the deadly shops of sin.   But on Saturday I needed to transfer some money and what did I do? Yes, you guessed it I bought not one but two books.   In fairness they ar

Happy New Year!

A rather belated greeting I’m afraid but last week was a bit hectic to say the least. My youngest son has the misfortune of having his birthday on 5 January. I always feel sorry for him because by the time Christmas and New Year is over I often find that I have run out of steam. Usually I just want everything to get back to normal rather than have to start the celebrations all over again. The fact that most people also feel this way forces me to try just that little bit harder to make his birthday enjoyable. This year though his birthday was dogged by illness. Both my husband and myself had been feeling under the weather at New Year, so it was a very quiet one, with us seeing the New Year in at home and then going straight to bed. To be honest my bed had been calling me for a long time before midnight but I stuck it out because, well, you have to don’t you? On Tuesday it was back to work (which to be honest was a bit of a relief) but because the children didn’t go back to school unt