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When Curiosity Nearly Killed The Cat

You may remember that back in November we acquired two kittens. Well the kittens have grown and turned from cute little furry balls, into lean, mean, mouse and bird catching machines. They are still a bit cute though. One of them has always had a thing about climbing into things: bags, cupboards, washing machines and tumble driers. We are quite used to listening to muffled mews and realising that he has snuck in somewhere when we haven't been looking. But I've always been really careful about the washing machine and the tumble drier - well we've all heard the stories haven't we? Last night I brought the washing in from the line and as it was still a bit damp decided to finish it off on a low heat in the tumble. I must have only turned my back for a second but when I turned the drier on I thought that it was making a bit of a bumpy noise.  Perhaps the boys have left something in their pockets I thought turning away, it wouldn't be the first time.  I w