Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Writer's Bureau

Despite the distractions of the decorating, I've managed to get some work done today, but writing has eluded me once more.
I've tried to make up for it tonight though by starting to edit my last assignment for the Writer's Bureau short story and novel course I've been trying to finish.
I can't say this course has been a resounding success for me.  I think it would be very good for complete beginners, but after have done other courses before, I don't feel I've learnt a great deal from it.  Also, I've found that the course has concentrated more on the short story side, and I wanted more of the novel element from it.  The last two assignments have been about writing radio plays.  Having never written these before, I've been rather stumped by the lack of guidance and so have put off completing these last two assingments.  In saying that though, by having to do this, I feel that I have learnt something about a genre I wouldn't normally consider.
At one point I did wonder if I could be bothered to finish the course, but I don't like quitting anything I've paid for and will now be glad to get to the end.
I hope to finish the editing tomorrow and will be able to send the assignment off with a grateful sigh.


  1. That's interesting to hear as I'd wondered what the course was like - I've heard mixed things about it. I'm like you - I hate to give up on anything.

  2. I suppose that's what makes us writers, the ability to never give up! A while ago I did a home study course with Writing Magazine. Apart from a file full of information there wasn't a lot of instruction on how to write a novel, but each assignment was to submit a chapter and the tutor gave me feedback. I found this much more useful as it was relevant to me.

  3. I don't even know how I stumbled on your page and I'm going to sound like a total salesperson, but have you taken any Margie Lawson courses on line? I'm a wanna be writer and I LOVED her EDIT's class for novels.
    I don't know her or anything, just really found the class helpful!

  4. Hi E L, hope you enjoy the blog. I've never heard of Margie Lawson courses, but I'll definitely look them up.