Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Strange Sounds In The Night

Last night I went upstairs when both of my boys were in bed.  There was a strange noise coming from one of the bedrooms - cue spooky music - on closer investigation the sound was that of a cat purring.

Now, our cats are not allowed upstairs and they both know it - which is why whenever anyone leaves the door open to upstairs they make a beeline to human beds.  So I was a little bit cross - either one of the boys had left the door open and one of them had taken advantage of it - or someone had sneaked a cat upstairs. (I dread to think what (or who) they might be sneaking upstairs in the years to come.)

In the room where the noise was coming from, son was fast asleep and there was no sign of a cat. To bemuse me even further when I went back downstairs both cats were fast asleep downstairs.

And then the penny dropped in my befuddled brain.  Recently my youngest has been struggling with mood swings - probably hormonal - but he's also been struggling to get to sleep at night. He's always been a child who needs his sleep and in an effort to help him drop off we have downloaded a white noise app on his phone - sounds like washing machines, hoovers etc.  So, the sound of cats was actually technology and not the real thing.  At least the phone won't be fidgeting dribbling and digging its claws in.

This on the other hand is the real thing sleeping.