Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hidden Gems

Well, the devastation continues as we have now moved on to decorating the downstairs spare bedroom / junk room.  The contents of the cupboards are now displaced throughout the house but I've given up caring.  The hideous bright yellow walls and orange woodwork are disappearing, so that's something to cheer about.
Tipping out the contents of the cupboards, though, have revealed a few hidden gems.
Back in the early 90's, when I first started to think about writing, I signed up for a correspondence course with The Writing School.  I can't remember whether I ever completed the course, but yesterday I found some of the reference books which came with it.
I started reading the first one, Writing For Cash, and was amused by the following paragraph.
"Tools for the Job
All you need to become a writer is a notebook, pen or pencil, paper and typewriter.  You may think that the typewriter is an unnecessary expense when you first start to write, but actually it is an investment.  Many editors will not consider accepting work that is not neatly typed and presented, and it is not necessary to buy a new or expensive machine.  Typewriter shops often have good second hand models which can be purchased at a fraction of the price of  a new one. 
Alternatively, keep your eye on the advertisement column in your local newspaper, and you may be lucky enough to pick up a bargain.  Unless you have room for a standard sized typewriter, buy one of the smaller portables, these weigh just a few pounds and can be quickly and easily moved around when required." 
How times have changed!

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