Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Finally finished the dreaded last assignment and sent it off this afternoon.  I feel free!!!!

Actually it hasn't been such a bad exercise as the play was based on a story I wrote in draft a while ago.  For the length of the script I've had to give it much more depth, and now I'm wondering if I can convert it into a serial, which I've never tackled before.  Should be an interesting exercise.

For a while now I've been a bit of a butterfly brain, flitting from one project to the next and never getting anywhere.  This week, I've got so fed up with it that I've adopted a strategy of prioritising each project and working on it until its finished. 

I know that probably sounds simple, but I just haven't been doing it.  It's worked with the assignment, so next I'm going to tackle a story I wrote for assignment 9 of the course.  I'm hoping with some careful tweaking I can turn this into a story for Take A Break Fiction Feast (Its a bit too gritty for The People's Friend). 

By working this way, I'm hoping to complete  a lot of projects which have been stagnating.

How do you prioritise your writing?


  1. Congratulations on finishing your assignment! I find it so hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. I'm a terrible flitter, but I did make a concerted effort in October to finish off several projects and now I'm back to flitting again. Good luck with your story - and it sounds like a great idea to turn the script into a serial :-) x

  2. Thanks Teresa. Sometimes flitting is the best way to expand idea, but like you I've come to realise that at times, you just have to focus if you're going to finish anything!