Saturday, 16 November 2013

Christmas Is Coming ......

And I am getting fat.  (I keep meaning to go on a diet but that's another story!)

Every year, I try to stay in denial about Christmas for as long as I possibly can, but it appears that I can deny it no longer.

It might be something to do with the fact that Christmas cards have been in the shops since August, or that the supermarket over the top adverts are gracing our TV's at every opportunity, or even the school newsletters which are full of requests for money and Christmas gifts.

But mostly its due to my husband who has been muttering all week that we need to start doing something about Christmas.

I'm not sure where the "we" comes in, I think loosely translated it means me because I'm usually the one who ends up doing 95% of the preparation. My husband is one of six and I am one of three, and although we dont buy for the adults, we do buy for the children, some of whom have children of their own. 

It's not that I mind, just that its such a mamoth task, the whole thing daunts me and I my instinct is to bury my head in the sand until such a time that I have to lift it out again.

That time has come.  Today I bought my first two presents and now the need to get organised has become insistent.

I feel a list coming on, I simply can't do it all without it!

Ba Humbug!



  1. I buy for husband, mother, sister, two nieces, nephew, two daughter, three grandchildren, brother, sister in law and another niece... What am I thinking of! ( actually I am almost done)

  2. Oh how organised are you? You put me to shame. I'll have to get shopping now!

  3. My husband has already informed me he's done his. He does his side of the family and I do mine and we share the kids. I sometimes ask for help with male presents and he for female eg smellies but otherwise we keep it separate.

  4. Oh what a good idea. I should do this as his side of the family is larger than mine!