Monday, 18 November 2013


Being the wife of a painter and decorator, my house is usually last on the list.  In fact when I had a new kitchen installed, I waited three years for the decoration to be done.

So, yesterday, when my husband said he had a day free today and was going to do the living room, who was I to argue, despite the fact that it was a mad rush to get everything out of there.

Now the rest of the house is in chaos, I have furniture in the kitchen and electrical equipment, lamps and books in the dining room. 

Of course, it's been far to disruptive today to write, or even do any work, instead I went out and started the Christmas shopping - not that I made much headway.

But never mind, it will all be over in a few days, I'll have a clean and sparkling living room, and then hopefully I be able to get back to work.

Can't wait.


  1. I've had all that this year and we've now just finished our bedroom. We are getting used to walking round boxes and odd items of furniture in the wrong rooms - it's worth it though once it's all done (and with a painter and decorator as a husband, at least you'll know it will be done properly!)

  2. The disruption involved is what's putting me off having and decorating done.

  3. There was a point this afternoon when I wondered if I would ever get my house back. Thankfully we've had the major stuff done like the kitchen and the bathroom. Now, this room is looking so good though, it puts the rest to same. I fear there may be more disruption ahead!