Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Lovely Rejection

Is that an oxymoron?  Until Friday I would have thought so too, but then I received the loveliest rejection I have ever received.
It was from The People's Friend and was full of useful feedback, telling me why the story wasn't right for them, which I very much appreciated.
But most of all it was the heartfelt encouragement telling me not to be too disappointed and to keep on sending stories to them.
Well I will.  I have another story which is earmarked for the magazine, which I hope to be sending out shortly. 
And I'm not going to give up, not when I get such lovely emails from this editor.  She is a credit to both the magazine and the publishing industry as a whole.


  1. They sure know how to treat their writers at PF. My success started with a lovely rejection... keep at it.

  2. They are so lovely aren't they :-) Their advice and encouragement is so helpful and they are so kind in their rejections, I almost feel it wasn't a rejection at all sometimes :-) x

  3. Hi both, you're right. After so many standard rejections it feels special to get such wonderful feedback.