Monday, 11 November 2013

New Beginnings

Today I unoffiicially started my new job - a lot earlier than I expected.   I went to meet some website designers with my new boss to discuss the company's website.

I was really keen to make the most of this opportunity as I am hoping to design my own website for my Virtual Assistant work. 

I can honestly say that I learnt a lot, but what I realised is that there is so much I don't know about technology that I really need to address this problem. More research is needed before I can even dip my toes in the water.  But that's not a bad thing, I like learning new things, and it's been on my list of things to do for a long time now.

I also found out that quite a lot of the company's literature as well as the website needs re-writing.  Something to really get my teeth into.

I can't wait to get started.


  1. It sounds very exciting - Glad you enjoyed your first unofficial day.Technology? Web design? Not something I'd be any good at.

  2. Congratulations! That sounds good. And I have just managed to work out how to subscribe to your blog. It's only been a year or two. It's a good job you're better at technology than me.

  3. Hi Wendy
    I'm not sure that I am very good at technology - not these days anyway, it's all changing far to fast for me.

    Rachel, its only down to you that I realised there wasn't a button to subscribe by email on the blog, so that doesn't say much for me either!