Saturday, 9 November 2013

Back to Reality

After the excitement of the last few days, today is defintely back to normal.  Saturday morning was the usual standing on the sidelines of the football pitch - fortunately, unlike last week, the sun was shining.   My son's team won and it wasn't too stressful for me as the team largely kept the ball away from him. As he plays in goal that's always a good thing.  I've aged so much since he started playing in goal!  Last week, even though they won 4-2, he was really upset on the way home because he'd let two goals in, bless!
This afternoon has been uber exciting, defrosting two freezers and a fridge, supervising homework, and cleaning the bathroom!  Don't I know how to live life to the full?
Now though I'm off to have a long hot bath before watching Strictly, the highlight of my weekend!
Hope you're all having a much more exciting time.


  1. I too watched Strictly, though for some reason I'm not quite as drawn into it this year. Our fridge freezer is leaking all over the place. We keep hoping it will last a bit longer but I think we're starting to realise it won't and we might have to buy one before Christmas. It would be a disaster if it finally gave up over Christmas

  2. Hi Rachel

    Oh, I'm so with you on "White Goods" front. When we moved into our current house nearly ten years ago, we bought a new fridge freezer, washing machine, and tumble dryer. Now they are nearly all on the brink. Funnily enough, the fridge and freezer which I inherited in 1998 (and they were ancient then) and have been relgated to the garage, are still going strong. Things aren't built to last these days. But then, I wonder, could there be a story in that?