Wednesday, 3 October 2012

No Let Up

You would think that now I have finally finished work, life would be a bit easier but I'm still in catch up mode.

Its been a hectic few weekends what with the "Birthday" and going to Leeds for the weekend.

That was brilliant actually.  My boys support Leeds because they are following in their dad's footsteps who, although Chester born and bred, has supported them since he was young when they were at their best.

When they were little I thought they might be taken the mic out of for following a team that wasn't part of the trend, but now I'm really proud of them, because they are not just following the team who is most popular at the moment.

Because there are only a few supporters in this area though, and no shops selling the kit, it was an uplifiting experience to be walking to the ground with hoards of fellow fans all wearing the same colours. 

We had seats in the family area which was great, and right where most of the action was for a large part of the game so we had a bird's eye view.

And Leeds won, which gave us all a happy feeling.

In the evening we found a World Buffet restaurant to eat in.  To be honest,  I wasn't too impressed at first, it felt a bit like a rugby scrum trying to get your food, but actually it turned out to be really good.  The buffet consisted of Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Sushi, and good old English carvery and practically every food you could possibly think of.  Everyone was catered for without any fuss, and although I'm not a dessert person, the puddings were to die for.

After a drink in the bar we retired to bed and the comfiest bed I have ever slept in.  I would defintiely recommend the Novotel Leeds City Centre hotel. 

The next morning we work up to the 11th birthday - where did that time go?  After a hearty breakfast we visited the Eland Road store to bujy the birthday present - latest kit and then drove home.  Another football match and then tea with friends to celebrate the birthday.

I always worry because I want to make the big day really special, but I think on this occassion we can truly say we did him proud.  And that was before the party.

The week that's followed has been really hectic, but that's the contents of another blog.

I promise to be back shortly.


  1. Sounds fantastic :-) You certainly did do him proud! x

  2. And that was without the party on Saturday. Kid's these days, I used to be happy with egg sarnies and pass the parcel!

  3. I agree with Teresa; it certainly sounds like you did him proud. That sounds like fantastically happy 11th birthday. And his favourite football team won... perfect!

  4. Hi Jayne

    I didn't organise the win, but it came in handy!