Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Course Continues

I've just had my assignment back from my Writing Bureau tutor and I'm really pleased with the comments. He thought my play was well written, realistic and was suitable for radio.
I must admit, I've always found writing dialogue easier than description. I can do description when I put my mind to it, but its not something that comes naturally to me. 
The play was only a partial, but I was so encouraged by his comments, that I think I might complete it and see if I can get it accepted.  You never know. 
I read a really interesting article about one of the writers for The Archers.  I was brought up in a farming family and listening to The Archers is one of my guilty secrets - I download the podcasts and listen to it while I'm doing the washing up!  Maybe I could think of an interesting plot line for them , even if its just for a bit of fun.  
But I'm getting carried away with myself now.  When I got my assignment back I was also surprised to find that there was another assignment attached, odd, as I thought there were only ten assingments.  This one though is much easier, as its any piece of fiction up to 3000 words, on which I will receive some feedback.  My only problem with this will be deciding what to pick!
I wonder if there will be any more assingments after this? 


  1. You've done a lot better than me at persevering with the course. I found the feedback from my writers group more helpful than the course feedback. I will try and pick it up again some time in order to have a go at some different genres.

  2. Hi Rachel. I thought exactly the same as you, but sometimes its good to challenge yourself, even if you don't enjoy it.