Tuesday, 12 November 2013

November Challenge

Well it's the 12th of November (how did that happen?) and this is my 12th post so I'm pleased that I've managed to keep up to my challenge so far.  I can't say that it's been easy, quite a few times I've panicked myself in the evening remembering that I haven't posted and haven't got a clue what to write (apologies for the drivel).  But the discipline of having to post every day, and having to think of something, however trite, has been a good one.  Normally I promise myself that I will try to post at least 10 times during the month, and each month I fail spectularly, so at least I've broken my own record.

Coming to this blog every day though has made me realise that it's looking a bit tired (or is that just me?)  I need to spruce it upand possibly learn more about how to do that.  For instance, I've noticed that I have the title Followers on the blog and no one listed.   Now I know I have followers (at least they used to be there), so I think this is just a technical error.  Anyone know how to fix that?

My new challenge for the rest of the month is to give my blog a make-over, and try and think of something interesting to say each day, so I don't bore you all to death along the way!

Take care.


  1. I can see the list of your blog followers on my computer so it must be a glitch on yours.

  2. Hi Wendy, I'm pleased that other people can see it, just not sure why I can't. I think some more scratching of the head is required!