Saturday, 30 November 2013

Misson Completed!

Yeah, its the end of November, and I have completed my challenge to post every day during this month.
I must admit that it has stopped me missing the challenge of NaNoWriMo, as although the wordcount is miniscule in comparison, I have still had to employ the discipline to post every day, which is something I have never managed to do before.
And it has felt a bit like my experience of NaNo in that I got off to a great start, had a bit of a low in the middle when I couldn't think of anything to post, and then had a bit of run towards the end. A bit like writing a novel me thinks.
There have been times, I must admit, when the posts have been pretty rubbish, so I do apologise for that. 
But thank you all for bearing with me, particularly Wendy and Teresa  who are my two most fervant followers and committed commenters.  Thank you ladies, your support is much appreciated.
Now, I'm going to go away and leave you all in peace for a while, but I will be back, and more often than I have in the past, now that I have proved I can do it.
But just before I go, I have another reason to celebreate the end of November, or should I say, Movember.  My husband has been growing a moustache this month in aid of men's health, particularly Prostate cancer.  And whilst I appreciate his intentions, I can't wait to see the back of the furry growth above his top lip!


  1. You're very welcome (and I think we are both very grateful to Teresa). Well done for completing a post every day. I do two a week and that is sometimes a challenge. I certainly agree with you about the Movember moustaches - a great idea and a great charity but not my favourite look, I have to say!

  2. Congratulations on completing your challenge. You did a lot better than me. I only managed about 21 000 on NaNo. I don't think using Scrivener helped as much as I hoped. That and life catching up with me. Well done! Was the moustache a full one or still trying to grow?

  3. Thank you both, Rachel 21,000 is an achievement in itself.

    The mo has gone, thankfully - and yes it was full blown. So glad he didn't get too attached to it, scratchy horrible thing!