Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Room Of One's Own

Every woman should have A Room of One’s Own, to quote Virginia Woolf and personally I couldn't agree more, especially as this morning, my wonderful husband keeps interrupting me while I’m trying to write.

I was really lucky when I was at work as for many months I had an office to myself. It was up at the top of the building right at the end of the corridor and only the very brave or desperate used to venture up there. And whilst I used to joke that I could die and no one would notice, I didn't really appreciate just what sanctuary that office provided.

Here at home, I've tried to carve out my own space - I have a desk in the corner of the dining room - which is more than some people have, I know, but it still feels like a busy train station some days. It’s in the middle of two doors and the boys will often walk past their Dad to ask me a question, even when I've told them I'm working. And when my husband is working locally, which he is today, he tends to pop in and out asking me if there are any emails for him, or finding me things which urgently need to be done.
If that's not bad enough, I can't believe the number of cold callers who pester during the day. I try to leave the phone on answer phone, but as that is in another room, I often find myself going to check it just in case it’s anything urgent.

And then there are lovely friends who think that because I’m working from home, I’ve plenty of time to chat! ARRRGH!


  1. I write like a nomad - all around the house (following the sun around!)

  2. What a lovely desk. You must want to sit there every day and write lots. I usually sit on the settee in the living room to write, or in bed with the laptop propped up on a cushion, and then I'm late going to sleep.

  3. I dream of having an extra bedroom with a door that can be shut and no through traffic. My desk now looks like a recharging station full of ipods, tablets and more wires than we have appliances in the house. I also have a writing bureau too that because it folds away can't be used as a dumping ground. My son tends to use it for his homework.

  4. Hi All

    I agree, Wendy, I tend to follow the sun around, especially during the winter months!

    Sharon - that is the desk at it's tidiest, when its been used like a dumping ground - yes Rachel, mine does too - then I usually take one look at it and want to flee. It was supposed to be a dedicated writing place but now has everything to do with the household on it and yes, various bits of sons' homework and urgen letters to be sent back to school.

    Ah well, I'll get through it one day.


  5. I'd love a writing room, but alas there's little chance of that. Like Rachel, my desk is also a mass of wires for charging devices.

  6. I totally get the idea of the wonderful husband asking you things all the time... I've told my husband that I'm gonna have a door sign made: "Do not disturb! Future best seller author working!"


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