Tuesday, 5 March 2013

newbooks magazine

A while ago I came across a book review website

I signed up to the website and became a reviewer.

They have a list of books you can choose from. You need to select three and you will receive one of them, although you don't always get your first choice.

All you have to do then is read them and add your review to the website. You don't get paid but you do get a free book!

I've enjoyed reading and reviewing the books, but didn't really think that my reviews were being read by anyone.

Then, out of the blue, newbooks editor, Guy Pringle, emailed me to say that my recent review of Julia Gregson's Jasmine Nights was going to be published in issue 74 of the hard copy magazine.

Up until that point I had thought that it was a subscription only magazine but then I found out that you could buy copies at W H Smith.

In addition, Guy asked me if I would like to submit a list of questions to be put to the author in an interview - would I?

I'm pleased to say that both my questions and the review are published in the edition currently on sale, along with my mugshot - yeuck - must get a better photo done!

Of course I bought a copy and was thrilled to see my name in print, and that several of my other reviews had also been highlighted and one published in an earlier magazine.

I was just as pleased though to read the magazine from cover to cover. Its a glossy magazine and is jam-packed with author interviews, publishing news and reviews of loads of books. Basically anything a reader or writer would be interested in. A thoroughly enjoyable read, and one I will be looking out for again. I might even be tempted to subscribe!

Why not have a look next time you are browsing through the magazines in W H Smith?

Happy reading.



  1. That's great, Linda - you must be really pleased!

  2. Brilliant! I'll look out for a copy :o)

  3. That sounds great - I'll look out for it - well done on getting your reviews in there :-) x

  4. Thanks guys, it was nice to see my name in print and I've added loads of new books to me ever growing to be read list.