Thursday, 14 March 2013

Deja Vue

Just spent the last two hours in A&E after Calamity George fell over at school and onto the newly fixed arm.
Guess what? He's back in plaster.  They don't know if it's broken or not because of the recent injury but decided not to take any chances.
We have an appointment with the consultant next Thursday to see what's what.
I hope they will be able to remove the plaster then as the following Monday he is due to go on an outdoor school trip to Conway for three days.  If he's still in plaster I doubt they will want to take him and then he will be devasted.
He does seem to want to keep me on my toes doesn't he?


  1. Oh no! Hope he's okay and it isn't broken so he can go on his school trip. Hope you're okay too xx

  2. I'm just rolling with the punches - as it's all you can do! He's fine - will probably be the centre of attention - yet again at school!

  3. Poor George. Hope he's better soon.