Saturday, 16 March 2013

Lesson 1 - Put Bum on Chair

Last weekend was a bit full on – several birthdays and of course Mother’s Day, so on Monday morning I was feeling a bit jaded (of course it had nothing to do with the wine consumed!).
So this probably wasn’t the best day to try to get to grips with my latest RNA New Writer’s Scheme submission.

I’ve spent a while deliberating on what I’m going to submit this year as I have a couple of unfinished novels that I would like to whip into shape.
The one I’ve decided to work on I started several years ago (more than I care to remember to be honest) so it does need quite a lot of work, and it’s March already.

Of course, on Monday I couldn’t concentrate, especially when I realised that it needs to be completely re-written. But, I need to make the most of whatever time I have left in which to write (in case I do get that job), so I’ve decided to set myself a target of spending at least one hour each day on it. And if I have more time, to spend another hour on writing and subbing short stories.

So far the re-write is going well – I’m feeling re-energised and determined to stick to my routine – well, it’s working while I’m not physically at work, but I’m hoping that if I do get into a routine now, I might be able to stick to it further down the line.

I keep remembering something I read about Carole Matthews and how she used to tie her legs to the chair in the evenings to get herself to write after a day at work. That certainly makes the point that you have to apply your bum to your chair and just get on with it.

So that’s what I’m going to do. 


  1. No one going to write it for you :-) Just think how wonderful it will be when you finish. I'm nearly there with my novel... I'm so excited!
    I've just been checking out agents to send it too.

  2. Go for it Paula - I agree there is such a sense of achievement / relief when you get to the end. Good luck with your search for an agent.