Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sweet Things

Thank you to the lovely Teresa Ashby for passing on to me the Sweet Blogger Award.

So here we go, seven things about me.

1. When I was younger my grandfather owned a farm and the early autumn months would find me in the kitchen making jams, crumbles and pies – those were the days when I had time.

2. I’m not a big pudding maker and I haven’t actually made a pie or crumble in years (see above), but I am a dab hand at chocolate profiteroles.  I don’t usually get to eat them though because my boys get to them first.

3. I have a hankering for Bailey’s ice cream, made at the Cheshire Ice Cream farm.  When the boys were little their outdoor play area always used to be a good excuse to visit and stock up on supplies – but hey? Who needs an excuse?

4. My favourite chocolates in the Milk Tray box are the fudge ones, followed closely by coffee creams.

5. When I was little I always used to insist that my mum made me coffee cake for my birthday – I can see a trend here.

6. I’ve just discovered a Cadbury’s seconds shop close to me – it’s done my waistline no favours what so ever.

7. My favourite Cadbury’s bar is Fruit & Nut, but I also like Crunchies, Cream Eggs, Whispers, Fry’s Chocolate Cream, Caramel bars – oh dear the list goes on, and I didn’t think I had that much of a sweet tooth!

Thanks Teresa, you’ve made me think about my guilty secrets and now I’m hungry!


  1. Too much of a good thing, I see, but you only live once.

  2. Lovely - your first one conjures up a wonderful picture and it all gets very delicious from there especially Crunchies - oooh I wonder if the corner shop is open ;-) x

  3. Cadbury's seconds shop sounds so dangerous.Attracted by your blog name and have now discovered your 7 guilty secrets at my first visit. I am signing up as a follower.

  4. Hi Jarmara - no good for the new year's resolutions though!

    Hi Teresa, sorry, didn't mean to make you hungry too!

    Hi the cuby poet, thanks for joining - hope I don't bore you!


  5. Coffee creams - they always get left until last in our house!
    Maybe when we invent our characters we should assign them a favourite chocolate, would that tell us any more about them?

  6. Hi Sally, thanks for dropping by. I'm always up for food parcels!

    What a good idea, I might try that one, although I'm not sure thinking in chocolate would be good for my waistline. I read The Chocolate Run recently by Dorothy Koomson, where the main character thought of people in terms of what chocolate they were like. Now that made me want to dash to the shops.