Wednesday, 18 January 2012

How They Have Grown!

As I have blogged before, just over a year ago, we became the proud owners of two tiny little kittens.

Now they have grown.  And grown. And then grown some more.

They have gone from this  ........

To this ..........

Numerous toys and one scratching post have bitten the dust

But they really are the most affectionate kittens I have ever come across and I am proud that they have chosen us as their owners


  1. Aw they are so beautiful, such sweet little kittens and now such handsome nearly grown ups. I am becoming seriously broody for another cat or cats - two are always better than one x

  2. Ahh, what lovely photographs. They're beautiful cats and it's lovely to see the difference in then since they've grown x

  3. My they have grown, much like the puppy my daughter conned me into about this time last year. She is still adorable, but they are never as cute as when they are puppies or kittens.

  4. Aw look at the lovely kitties! They have got big, and oh-so beautiful! I love having two cats, they have such fun together. I feel the same, proud to be chosen!

  5. Because these kitties are so sweet, I'm giving you the Sweet Blog award - if you would like it x

  6. Hi Teresa

    I agree they are so sweet, and now my boys are growing up they are definitely my new babies. You're right, two are defintitely better than one because they are such good mates. Thank you so much for the Sweet Blog award I'd be delighted to accept.

    Hi Lonestarsky - yes, they are definitely massive now, especially the long haired one (Luke), he looks like he's been blow dried these days.

    Hi Melissa - I know, I wish I'd taken more photos of them when they were little, now they are just like big tigers.

    Hi Jayne - yes we were definitely chosen, not the other way round, but I think it's pretty much like that with cats. My brother even had a cat that moved house - don't think I'd like that very much!