Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another Celebration

Whilst everyone else is celebrating the return to normal after the festivities, we are entering into a new zone of celebration.  Eight years ago today I gave birth to my youngest child.  I always feel sorry for him having his birthday  at this time of year, at a time when everyone is jaded from a party atmosphere. And whilst I am usually fed it with it myself, I always do my best to try and make it special for him. It's not his fault he was born at this time of year but it could have been worse, he was due on Christmas Eve and I keep joking that if he was, I was going to call him Jesus - it is a joke!

At the moment he loves school so the fact that his birthday always seem to fall on the first day back isn't too traumatic, but I'm sure there will come a time.  This year we've held back some of the best presents for today, so the smile on his face when he opened them was well worth the wait. We've been out with his Nanna for a birthday tea, and at the weekend he's having a sleepover with some friends and a cinema trip followed by a bit of a party with some of our friends, and then next weekend another party tea with family hosted by Grandma.

I hope I've done him proud, he certainly seems happy, but as every year,  I will be glad when life can truly get back to normal?

What about you, are you sad or glad at the return to routine?


  1. Hi there *waves* I've just started following your blog, hope you don't mind.

    I'm definitely glad at the return to routine! I enjoyed having some days off work over christmas but am always glad when everything goes back to normal.

    I empathise with your son as my bithday is in December, but my parents always made the effort to make it special so I am sure your son had a great day. xx

  2. Hi lonestarsky

    Thanks for dropping by. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed but but boy am I gald it's over!

    Looking forward to geetting back to normal and getting some real writing done.