Thursday, 12 January 2012


Hi all

I spend a lot of time working from different computers and struggle to keep everything up to date and backed up. And we all know how much panic that can cause if it all goes wrong.  Most of the time I save my work to a usb stick and try to copy any updated files across to my computer.  But I don't always manage to keep things up to date and I'm paranoid about  losing the usb stick.

I've heard of the web based system - Cloud computing and it seems like a good solution for someone in my position.  But I'm not that clued up on the latest IT solutions so I was wondering  anyone has any experience of Cloud and if so can you recommend a company who provide this as cheaply as possible? Any help would be much appreciated.

Any other options would be much appreciated, preferably good, free ones!



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  1. I've heard a rumour that dropbox are supposed to be good and give you some free space. Maybe enough for writing, but not all of your photos and music. I've never actually used it, just something I have been meaning to try.