Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was my 14th wedding anniversary. Wow, where have the years gone?

Fortunately, on my wedding day, the weather was so much better than it was yesterday.  In fact we'd had a mini heatwave in the run up to the big day.

Sorry I haven't got any photos - all the ones I have are hard copies and my scanner has broken.

Yesterday was a work day, and a horrible one at that, but last night me, my husband and our two lovely boys went out for a Chinese meal.  It was nice to have a grown up meal with them on a school night.


  1. Happy anniversary, Linda - enjoy the next 14 (and more)

  2. Thank you all - yes, here's to the next 14! My auntie and uncle celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary the other week - don't think I'll make it that far!