Thursday, 20 March 2014

Genie In the Keboard

If one day, when you’re shaking out the crumbs and debris from your keyboard, a genie popped out and gave you one wish to improve your life, what would you wish for?

I’m not talking about a lottery win, or becoming a bestselling novelist (we could all wish for those) but something that would help you practically on a day to day basis.

I know what I’d wish for – a self-tidying house.  I can cope with the cleaning – just about, but I hate having to wade through the mountain of belongings before I even get to the surfaces I need to clean.  It doesn’t help that both my husband and I are hoarders.  My weakness are newspapers and magazines. I don’t like to throw them away until I have read them in case I might read a snippet of something useful for a story, but I don’t always get the time to actually read them and the paper mountain rapidly builds.

Apart from that I think I live with the three most untidy males on the planet.  I mean, why would you put something away when you could drop it on the floor or sofa?

And I do try to train them – particularly my sons – I’m thinking of their future partners after all – but it’s like banging my head against a brick wall – repeatedly.

So a self-tidying house would free up a lot of my time in a day to day basis.

What would you wish for?

PS – rant over!


  1. Ooh, maybe a self walking dog - for those cold, rainy days.

  2. That's a good one. Lovely to walk a dog on fine days, not so good in the middle of winter!