Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Great Night Out

On 15 February, we went to a 50th birthday party of a friend of ours at the local village hall.  Nothing too exciting about that.  However, the wife of said friend had booked a band to appear on the night.  Not a local band, you understand, or a tribute band, but a real live band from the 80’s.

The name of the band was kept a secret, the reveal to come on the night in question.  Prior to this there was much speculation as to who this band would be, so by the evening of the party, we were all fizzing with anticipation.

It turned out that she had managed to book Dr & The Medics.  Their most famous hit was Spirit in the Sky but on the night they did lots of covers too.  They were a really nice bunch of people and as you can see from this we all enjoyed ourselves.  It was a bit surreal to see them in the village hall though!

Our friend has certainly set the bar high for partners’ birthday presents. Thanks for that then.

After all that dancing and bearing in mind that this was the same day that I’d done the sponsored walk, Sunday was a very quiet day!

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  1. That's groovy Jane, one of my fave songs...... great article in the latest writing magazine as well. Some people, honestly, fancy asking the agent why they thought such and such.....