Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Locked In

Last night we got locked into the living room. Oh yes.  The handle on the door to go out of the living room has been a bit sticky of late but although the other half and I have both been meaning to have a look at it, neither of us have had the chance.

I was ironing when my eldest tried to open the door to go to the loo.  He kept grabbing at the handle but it wouldn't open.  Exasperated I attempted to show him how to do it (again)! Only I couldn't open it either.  So my husband came strutting into the living room from cooking the dinner (I have a husband who cooks how lucky am I?). He then attempted to show us all how to open it but he couldn't do it either.  He tugged and tugged and then..... the handle came off in his hand and he flew backwards.  Fortunately the sofa broke his fall.  Unfortunately my youngest was sittting on said sofa cuddling the cat.  The cat took umbridge at being pounced on by a human adult male and did a cartoon impresssion of a cat in fright - back arched with claws extended.  Unfortunately for youngest child the claws extended into his leg leaving a lovely criss-cross pattern up his legs.

Husband managed to get in from the front door and took the handle off from the outside and hey presto we were released!

There must be eaiser ways to go to the loo!

Take care - and watch those door handles - they have a habit of biting back.



  1. Linda, you just have to get that in a story! But ouch, the startled cat! We got stuck in the living room once because of a dodgy doorknob! Not funny at the time is it, especially when someone needs the loo! :-) x

  2. It really was one of those once in a lifetime moments - although not quite as scary as when I got locked out of the house at nightime and everyone one else would asleep. Ending up climbing up a ladder to knock on the bedroom window. Not such a good idea after a few vinos - now that one has made it into a novel.

    It wasn't so much ouch the startled cat but the tears of pain in the little ones leg. I'm sure he'll be showing off his battle scars at sports day today though.


  3. Thanks for sharing this with us, Linda. Had me rolling around laughing. As Teresa says, you really must use this is a story.