Friday, 6 July 2012

Chasing My Tail

I was a very bad blogger during June and I promised myself that July would be better.  Well, so far I’ve not lived up to my own expectations.

At the moment I feel as though my life has gone mad. The last few weeks have seen me rushing from one event to another, and in between there has been precious little time to do anything apart from get ready for the next event.

Of course it’s a busy time at school, what with summer fairs, sports days, performances and other special events.  My youngest has had the rare opportunity to spend 6 days at a local outdoor centre.  This has taken place on odd days over several weeks which is a disruption to my routine (I do like routine), and has meant a split school run as eldest son has still been at school.  

Eldest son has taken part in the annual district sports competition – 100 metres sprint, varying football practices, a school performance and is currently attending both cubs as scouts as he is going up to scouts in September and is being given some ‘taster’ sessions.

Youngest child has taken part in an 11 school dance festival (he introduced his school to around a 500 people audience – I nearly cried with pride) and has completed his first holy communion at a thanksgiving mass and party.

There have been several birthdays and parties too and six more to come over the next few  weeks.  

My mum had an operation on her shoulder a month ago and wasn’t able to move her arm at all for 3 weeks.  My dad’s been doing a brilliant job but as their only daughter I have wanted to look after them. They live 30 miles away which isn’t far really but I’ve only managed to get up there to help out on a few occasions.  They’ve both been grateful for what I have been able to do, but it doesn’t feel like I’ve done enough.

In all this time I haven’t been able to get my head round writing much.  I’m desperate to finish my WIP for my NWS script and even though I’m nearly at the end of my current draft I feel as though I’m never going to get there.  After the current draft I’m going to have to do one quick read through and then send it off.  It’s nowhere near the shape I wanted it to be in but it will just have to do.   Maybe with the invaluable NWS feedback I will be able to back to it in a few months time with a clearer perspective.

With school breaking up in a few weeks time, I’m hoping that things will calm down soon, and that the weather picks up too, in time for the ‘summer holidays’.

I usually dread the summer holidays as it’s my busiest time in the job I’m in.  Sadly, this will be my last summer here though, as I’m being made redundant shortly.  It’s not a great shock, as we have been winding down the course for the last three years now, but I was hoping that my employers would be able to find me another job.  At the back of my mind I’ve always thought that this wouldn’t be possible but have been living in limbo for a while.

At least now I know where I’m up to and in a way am looking forward to new opportunities.  My redundancy package should buffer me for a little while so I can finally get my house sorted out and hopefully set up some freelance work.  It would certainly be nice to have a better work / life balance than I do at the moment.

Have a nice weekend and try and keep as dry as you can!

Linda xx 

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